Main vision of ICT @ project is to provide computer literacy & Computer Aided Education in government granted and non-granted schools to school students and school teachers. Before year 2015 all schools across the state may be covered under this project. In this project 11 computers and other related equipment like Broadband connectivity form BSNL, printers, scanners, LCD TV, KU Band Dish antenna, DECU DVDs etc will be given in each school identified under this project. 

After providing computers and other related equipment school co-ordinators, who are appointed by implementing agencies M/s NIIT Ltd., M/s Educomp Solution Ltd., M/s. HCL Infosystems Ltd., M/s. IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd. and M/s. Core Projects & Technologies Ltd. will give students and teachers training on Ubuntu, Linux based operating system and Open office. Under this project one school co-ordinators is appointed per 5 schools. About 1200 school co-ordinators are appointed by the agencies for all 5970 schools covered in this project. These school co-ordinators are regularly visiting their schools as per their weekly scheduled. These school co-ordinators are teaching students as well as teachers of the schools basic functioning of computers and its applications which help students in understanding subjects in better way. Aim of this project is not only make students computer literate but they use their knowledge of computer for getting "Computer Aided Education" which is more interesting than learning subjects by "chalk & talk".

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